Research (collecting) permits

The permitting process is currently under review and we will inform delegates of the new system once this is more formalised.

Namibia is an attractive destination for dipterists wishing to undertake fieldwork before or after ICD9 in their private capacity, especially in the north-east of the country during November. The post-congress tours that are being organised are intended for those that wish to sight-see, not those wishing to sample biological specimens. For those delegates who wish to arrange private or joint expeditions to sample Diptera in Namibia permits are required to do so, that must be applied for in advance (see below text and application forms).

As with most countries around the world, Namibia is concerned about the loss of biological diversity and information pertaining to that biodiversity not being repatriated to the country. It is illegal to sample biological specimens within the boundaries of Namibia without an appropriate permit to conduct research and to export biological specimens/material without an appropriate export permit.

It is the individual responsibility of all delegates wishing to collect biological specimens in Namibia to apply for a research permit.

It is important to note that attendance at ICD9 does not represent permission to conduct research or collection of biological specimens/material within the state boundaries of Namibia and ICD Council and the local Organizing Committee takes no responsibility for the actions of delegates who do not follow the correct permitting procedures for the sampling and export of biological specimens and the subsequent adherence to permit conditions.