Congress outreach

Two public lectures in collaboration with ICD9 and the Namibia Scientific Society (, will take place during the Congress at the Safari Conference Centre (light refreshments shall be served after the talks):

27 November 2018 (18:30): Dr George McGavin will speak on “Bugs in the system – sex, violence and a cast of billions

Insects are the most diverse and successful group of animals on Earth. They were the first animals to conquer the land and the first to take to the air. As herbivores, carnivores, pollinators and recyclers and as a principal food source, insects are an essential component of every terrestrial and aquatic food chain. But insects also have a dark side. They have changed the short course of human history by killing hundreds of millions of people and destroying their crops. Nevertheless without them the world would be a very different place. To understand life on our planet you need to know what the “bugs in the system” are doing.

29 November 2018 (18:30): Prof. Stephen Marshall will speak on “Bye bye birdie – hello Year of the Fly!

The study of flies is a critical discipline because of the centrality of dipteran diversity to human and animal health, pollination, crop protection and ecological integrity. The study of flies is also an engaging hobby, now with all of the appeal of bird watching, but offering orders of magnitude more diversity. This talk will delve into the diversity of dipterological delights and discoveries accessible to naturalists with digital cameras.

All delegates and members of the general public are invited to attend these lectures, which will be widely advertised locally.