Visa requirements

Visa information

Visas may be required by some delegates to enter Namibia. Therefore it is strongly recommended that all international delegates make enquiries and prior arrangements with their local Namibian High Commission or Embassy. It is the individual delegate’s responsibility to ensure that the proper visa procedures are followed in all cases.

Should your country not be listed on the exempted countries below you are required to apply for an entry visa through the local Namibian High Commission or Embassy, who will facilitate the issuance.

Delegates entering Namibia for the purpose of attending ICD9 MUST bring their letter of “Confirmation of Registration and Attendance” (issued by ICD9 upon Registration), as this may be requested by Immigration officials at the port of entry.

Please note: If conducting research/collecting in Namibia, you MUST apply for a business/research visa, either through the Namibian Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, or through the Namibian Embassies or High Commissions in your respective home country, which usually takes about ten days to process.

Visa application form

The following documents should be submitted for a business/research visa (see Permits page for further details).

  • Visa application form.
  • Certified copy of passport/travel document.
  • Motivation letter explaining in detail the purpose for which the visa is required, supported by official letter of Registration and attendance from ICD9 (if attending the Congress only), or Copy of letter from Gobabeb if conducting research.
  • Certified copies of qualification certificates.
  • Appropriate administration fee.

Countries exempted from visa requirements when travelling to Namibia (correct at the time of posting)

Visit/tourism purposes and business exploration only

Angola Macau (Sar)
Armenia Malawi
Australia Malaysia
Austria Mauritius
Azerbaijan Moldovia
Belarus Mozambique
Belgium Netherlands
Botswana New Zealand
Brazil Norway
Canada Portugal
Congo Brazzaville (only Diplomatic and Official/Service passports) Russian Federation
Cuba Seychelles
Denmark Singapore
Finland South Africa
France Spain
Germany Swaziland
Ghana (only Diplomatic and Official/Service passports) Sweden
Hong Kong Switzerland
Iceland Tajikistan
India (only Diplomatic and Official/Service passports) Tanzania
Ireland Turkmenistan
Italy Ukraine
Japan United Kingdom
Kazakhstan United States of America
Kenya Uzbekistan
Kyrgysztan Venezuela (only Diplomatic and Official/Service passports)
Lichtenstein Zambia
Lesotho Zimbabwe