Symposia Titles

Submission of symposium titles has now closed. Should delegates wish to contribute papers to any of the below symposia you are requested to contact the convenors directly.

Advances in Afrotropical dipterology
Burgert S. Muller & Ashley H. Kirk-Spriggs
Symposium call (PDF)

Diptera of Madagascar – historical biogeography and biodiversity
Mike Irwin & Rin’ha Harin’Hala
Symposium call (PDF)

Advances in Neotropical dipterology
Claudio J.B. de Carvalho & Marcia S. Couri

Flies in time – how fossils change our understanding of Diptera evolution
Vladimir Blagoderov & Victor Baranov

Vectors of human disease, biology and environment
Shüné Oliver

Veterinary Diptera as vectors of disease
Karien Labuschagne

Forensic dipterology
Martin Villet & Kirstin Williams

Tephritoidea – applied research and taxonomy
Minette Karsten, Olivia Reynolds & Marc De Meyer

The importance of Diptera in plant-pollinator networks
Kurt Jordaens

Diptera interactions with amphibians
Gunnar Mikalsen Kvifte & Ximena Bernal
Symposium call (PDF)

Biodiversity surveys and conservation of Diptera
Marc Pollet

Morphological character systems in lower Diptera
Gregory Curler
Symposium call (PDF)

Morphological tools, techniques and trees
Torsten Dikow & John Hash

Biodiversity informatics of Diptera
John Midgley & Burgert Muller;
Symposium call (PDF)

Calyptrate evolution and diversity
Pierfilippo Cerretti, Thomas Pape & John Stireman

Advances in Diptera phylogenomics
Jessica P. Gillung & Keith M. Bayless

Too many species, too little time: fresh approaches to “open-ended” genera
Daniel Bickel & Emily Hartop

Systematics and ecology of Culicomorpha
Leonardo H. Gil-Azevedo & Douglas C. Currie

Systematics and ecology of Bibionomorpha
Chris Borkent & Sarah Oliveira
Symposium call (PDF)

Systematics and ecology of Empidoidea
Bradley Sinclair & Jeffrey Cumming

Taxonomy and ecology of Ceratopogonidae
Daniel L. Kline

Taxonomy and systematics of lower Brachycera
Bryan D. Lessard

Taxonomy and phylogeny of Asilidae – honouring 40 years of Afrotropical research by Jason Londt
Torsten Dikow

Systematics and taxonomy of lower Cyclorrhapha
Andrew D. Young

Developments in acalyptrate dipterology
John Ismay, Stephen Gaimari & Barbara Ismay;