Symposia Submission Guidelines

The ICD9 Local Organising Committee now invites potential symposia organisers (hereafter termed convenors) to submit titles for symposia to be included on this website. Note that delegates must cover their own costs and this invitation does not represent an offer of funding to attend.

In line with decisions made during the planning of ICD8, all sessions for ICD9 will be termed “symposia”.

The Congress potentially covers symposia dealing with all aspects of dipterology and regions of the world, but the overall theme of the Congress is “Afrotropical Dipterology” and we actively encourage symposia titles that embrace this theme and have direct bearing on Afrotropical dipterology and relevance for African delegates.

There is a particularly strong and active interest in Africa in applied aspects of dipterology, including disease vectors of humans and their livestock, species of phytosanitary concern (especially Tephritidae), forensic, veterinary and agricultural dipterology, as well as Diptera systematics and taxonomy.

Instructions for symposia title submissions

Submissions of symposia titles should be done electronically using the simple form provided.

All symposia titles should be lower case, except proper nouns, e.g., Taxonomy and phylogeny of Orthorrhapha, Diptera biogeography – patterns and processes.

Symposia titles should preferably be in the form of full titles (e.g., Advances in Neotropical dipterology, Traps, attractants and collection techniques for Diptera, Systematics and taxonomy of Culicidae, Tephritidae of phytosanitary concern, Disease vectors and veterinary significance; Biogeography of Diptera), rather than condensed (or single word) titles (e.g., Biogeography, Bibionomorpha, Stalk-eyed flies, etc.).

Responsibilities of symposia convenors are as follows:

  • Provide symposium title to Organizing Committee (electronic submission).
  • Contact potential contributors, solicit speakers and liaison with presenters.
  • Selection of keynote speaker for symposium.
  • Provision of final list of titles and authors to the Organizing Committee.
  • Finalising order of speakers for inclusion in programme.
  • Initial editing of symposium abstracts (where necessary).
  • Actively convening symposium session at ICD9 (introduction of speakers, ensuring speakers keep within time, coordinating questions, etc.).

Length of presentations

There will be no limit on the number of presentations, but symposia must include a minimum of six oral presentations. Each regular oral presentation will be 12 minutes duration (with 3 minutes for questions if time allows). Each symposium should ideally include a keynote address which should be 25 minutes duration (with 5 minutes for questions) and will normally be the first presentation listed on the symposium programme, following the short introduction by the convenor. Speakers must be kept strictly within time to allow the movement of delegates between sessions. The convenor should inform speakers two minutes before the end of their presentation to allow them time to wrap-up. If convenors wish they may allocate a separate 15 minute slot at the end of the symposium for open discussion.

Symposia title submission

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